7. Howdy Music Functionality

These command line executables, graphical user interfaces, and APIs are used to download and manage your music (even if the music has been spread between different main directories). This document is organized into sections on command line tools, the lower level API, and finally the TODO.

7.3. Howdy Music TODO

  • Create a comprehensive GUI for the Plex music library similar to what I have made for the TV library ( howdy_tv_gui) and movie library ( howdy_movie_totgui).
  • Fix the manner in which songs can be emailed to the recipient. Currently howdy_music_songs emails a collection of downloaded songs with the --email flag. I am turning off this functionality until such time as I can develop a way to do this for howdy_music_songs and howdy_music_album. There is a blog post, Getting plex_music_songs to upload multiple songs, that describes this older and currently untested functionality.
  • Design a better and more natural way to incorporate emailing song functionality, because emails require the following,