8. Howdy Email Functionality

These command line executables, graphical user interfaces, and APIs are used to send one-off announcement, or newsletter style emails. Tautulli is a much better tool for sending out newsletter style emails, although this functionality still exists.

This documentation is organized into sections on howdy_email_notif, the Howdy one-off emailing command line interface; howdy_email_gui, the Howdy one-off emailing and newslettering GUI; and howdy_email_demo_gui, the Howdy test-bed demonstation email client, that sends out rich HTML email using reStructuredText; the low level API; and finally the TODO.

8.5. Howdy Email TODO

The Howdy! Email CLI and API functionality are fairly robust. I may see the need to enhance its functionality, or fix pressing bugs, as I reexamine this space.